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Number of land-dwelling animals killed in the world by the meat, dairy and egg industries, since you opened this webpage.
This counter does not include the billions of water-dwelling animals killed annually.
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“that ugliest product of civilisation, the butcher's shop”

Henry S. Salt, 1914, The Humanities of Diet

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“They pity, and they eat the objects of their compassion!”

Oliver Goldsmith, 1728-1774, The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith

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“power and knowledge production of veg[etari]an and animal rights
ethics and philosophy is geopolitical and racialized and ... racialized
epistemologies and ontologies subjectively influence how one practices
veganism and animal rights activism.”

Amie Breeze Harper, 2008, 'Race as a “Feeble Matter”'


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  • Reports on publications, conference papers and research projects
  • Significant media stories on vegan-related issues
  • Reports on other significant events in the vegan calendar

Alerts to forthcoming updates and events will appear on the diary page.


Latest News

  • 1st November 2014

    New book launched!

  • Cole, M. and Stewart, K. (2014) Our Children and Other Animals: The Cultural Construction of Human-Animal Relations in Childhood, Ashgate.

  • 22nd August 2011
    New resource launched by renowned advocate of plant based nutrition, Michael Greger M.D. A year in the making, is a labor of love featuring all the videos from all my past Latest in Clinical Nutrition DVDs split into hundreds of bite-sized topical segments that can be searched and shared. Everything's free. It's strictly noncommercial (no ads, not selling anything), strictly science-based (I even have links to all the primary source citations). And the best part is that starting on Monday, August 22, I'm going to upload a brand new video every day, seven days a week, for at least the first 365 days—sleep deprivation here I come!
  • 8th November 2009
    Dave of Darlington's database of over 1700 references related to vegan-organic growing added to bibliography page
  • 25th April 2009
    The Vegatopia research forum is now up and running. Please click the Research Forum button on any page to register and log in.
  • 17th November 2008
    Two new pdf's added to the resources page: Click here for a presentation by Karen putting the case for animals' rights to a citizen's jury on an animal welfare project, Welfare Quality®, at Cardiff University, Wales, UK. Click here for the full English text of our interview that appeared in Portugese in the Brazilian magazine, Revista dos Vegetarianos in October 2008:
  • Tuesday 28th October 2008, 7.30pm
    Vegatopia gave a talk5 Dimensions of Vegatopia: Understanding, Critiquing, Inspiring, Acting, Caring, for the Birmingham Vegetarians and Vegans group. Click here for a pdf of the talk handout.
    Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham, UK
  • Saturday September 20th 2008
    Karen and Matthew presented a paper, Ethical Veganism: Opposing Violent Relationships with Nonhuman Animals, as part of an ESRC Seminar Series: Practical Utopias and Utopian Practices, at the University of Bristol. See the resources page for the abstract, and follow this link for details of the seminar series: The paper itself will be posted on the resources page soon.
  • Tuesday September 16th 2008
    Matthew gave a talk, followed by lively discussion, at Cardiff's Philosophy Café: Friend or Food? Pets, Meat, and the Fragmentation of Empathy. A video and the text of the talk will appear here (on the resources page), and on the Philosophy Café website soon. Meanwhile, join the Philosophy Café Forum to join in the debate about the talk.
  • Sunday September 7th 2008
    Vegatopia were at the London Vegan Festival, running our Food Survey again (last run at the Bristol Vegan Fayre). A huge thank-you to the festival organizers and volunteers for their help, to Plamil foods for once more supporting our research with their donation of chocolate to support our raffle, and most of all to everyone who took the time to fill in a questionnaire. Notification about the results of our survey will appear here, including links to any associated publications, some time in 2009.
  • Tuesday 2nd September 2008
    Austrian animal activist prisoners released. Follow this link to read more about this shocking case of persecution:

  • 14th August 2008
    See the resources page for the powerpoint and text of our lecture from the IVU World Vegetarian Congress in Dresden, Germany. Many thanks to the organizers of the IVU for their hospitality and to the many people who we met in Dresden.

  • 14th July 2008
    Check the diary page for details of some forthcoming Vegatopia talks, including our keynote speech at the IVU (International Vegetarian Union) Congress in Dresden, Germany, an evening at Cardiff's Philosophy Cafe (16th September), and a paper at the Utopia seminar at the University of Bristol (20th September).
  • 14th July 2008
    Bibliography updates delayed. Again, our burden of work has inhibited our bibliographic dynamism. We have a lot of new material pending and will do our best to update the pdf files as soon as possible (we think in early September). We are also planning to make all the bibliographies available as html pages as well, hopefully at the same time.
  • Monday June 9th 2008
    Updates to the links page: a new section has been added, specifically on animal testing, incorporating some new resources. Over time we will expand and categorize the rest of the links page in more detail in line with our bibliography keywords.

Vegatopia at the Bristol Vegan Fayre

BVF photo 2 BVF photo 1

  • Many thanks to the fine people at the Bristol Vegan Fayre who helped us with the organization of our Food Survey, to Plamil foods for donating vegan chocolate to help us with our instant raffle, and most of all to everyone who took the time to fill in a questionnaire. Have a look at our Facebook site for more photos.
    We will be replicating the research at the London Vegan Festival on September 7th. Check the Vegatopia news page for information of seminars and publications about the results of the survey in due course.

  • Tuesday May 27th 2008
    Vegatopia will be at the Bristol Vegan Fayre this Saturday and Sunday (May 31st & June 1st). Please support our research by coming along and filling in a questionnaire on our Food Survey stall.

  • Friday May 16th 2008
    Vegatopia website updates: 219 new references have been added to the bibliography and we have added a keyword on 'feminism'. All existing pdfs have been updated to incorporate the new references. Also added are more entries to the media page, under films, magazine articles, music and online media.

  • Monday May 5th 2008
    The first scheduled update to the Vegatopia bibliographies has been slightly delayed due to our workloads – updated pdf documents will now be uploaded at the end of this week, please check back for confirmation on this page.

  • Thursday May 1st 2008
    Jasmijn de Boo of the Animals Count party received 1,828 votes (1.12% of the total votes) in the London Assembly elections for the Lambeth and Southwark area. For more information, follow this link:

  • Friday April 18th 2008
    Vegatopia website updates: New on the resources page, a pdf of John Sorenson's paper, “Doctrine of Demons”: Attacks on Animal Advocacy”, and the abstract for Richard Twine's BSA paper, “Critical Animal Studies, Posthumanism and the Sociological Imagination - To Describe, Prescribe, or What?” The media archive page has a new section for 'Online media', which incorporates most of the material previously listed under 'miscellaneous'. New links have been added, and there are new newspaper stories available in the media archive. Check the diary for information on forthcoming events by Speak, Animals Count and information on World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week.

  • Thursday April 10th 2008 (part 2)
    Vegatopia is now on facebook, sign up and start networking with other vegatopians:


  • Thursday April 10th 2008
    Vegatopia site updates: downloadable flyer / poster added to the resources page – help us spread the Vegatopia message by sending this on, handing out flyers at events, putting the poster up on noticeboards or however else you can think of! A brief biographical note has also been added to the contact us and about us pages. Additional sites are being added to the links page regularly, please do take a look and support some of the tremendous work being done.

  • Thursday April 3rd 2008
    See the resources page for A Tom Regan Potpourri, a pdf of select quotations from the author of The Case For Animal Rights, kindly donated by Tom himself.
    PowerPoint presentations of our papers mentioned under the 30th March entry will not be uploaded for a while. We are keen to populate Vegatopia with the works of others before we add any more of our own work. Instead, abstracts of our (and other) papers have been added. Meanwhile, please contact us directly if you have a particular interest in our own work.

  • Sunday March 30th 2008
    Two papers presented at the BSA (British Sociological Association) conference “Social Worlds, Natural Worlds” at the University of Warwick:
    “The language of diet and the suffering of nonhuman animals: promoting veganism through countering a discourse of asceticism” (Matthew Cole & Karen Morgan)
    “The Discursive Representation of Nonhuman Animals in a Culture of Denial” (Karen Morgan & Matthew Cole)
    PowerPoint presentations of these two papers will be posted on the resources page in the next few days. We also hope to upload some more presentations or papers from other vegan academics we met in Warwick soon.

  • Tuesday March 25th 2008
    Vegatopia website launched!