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Number of land-dwelling animals killed in the world by the meat, dairy and egg industries, since you opened this webpage.
This counter does not include the billions of water-dwelling animals killed annually.
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“It is good to maintain and cherish life; it is evil to destroy and check life”

Albert Schweitzer, 1923, Civilisation and Ethics.

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“In ontologizing women and animals as objects, our language simultaneously eliminates the fact that someone else is acting as a subject / agent / perpetrator of violence.”

Carol J. Adams, 1991, “Ecofeminism and the eating of animals”

Research Forum

Please contact us to sign up to our research forum. The forum provides a place for discussion of ideas for future academic work to research and promote ethical veganism. It also provides an opportunity for collaboration and a place to test out new teaching and research ideas with interested others. Access is free, but we will ask you to sign a declaration by email that you are a dietary vegan and that you agree in principle with the aims of Vegatopia in exchange for access. Signing up to the forum will also give you access to further resources not available on the main Vegatopia website.

Important Note

An interactive discussion board is currently under development. Please check the diary page for notification of when this facility will be available. In the meantime, research forum members will added to an email discussion list.